Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy 40th Mom and Dad

My parents celebrated their 40 wedding anniversary last month. So, in honor of this momentous occasion, I made them a quilt. I had help. Most of the blocks were made by the ladies of the Tw1tter.B Quilting Bee. I sent out the fabric with the houses on it, otherwise known as the Alpine Village from Lauren & Jessie Jung's Hideaway fabric line. My instructions were just to make a 9-patch block, or two if they felt so inclined, of their choosing. I like the 9-patch it's incredibly diverse. It can be made with just 9 basic squares, or it can be so much more. I got a great balance of simple and more intricate back. I loved them all. In all, I received 16 blocks back which is enough in itself for a quilt, but I wanted to add some of my own. So I intended to make 2 and with the leftover 2 from the bee ladies, I was going to make pillows.

Here's my first block. The girls helped me with this one. It's made from the Alpine Village, some charm squares from the Delighted fabric line, and some brown blender fabric I found in my stash.The girls helped chose which charm squares and where they were placed. Then Dakota told me that the house in the middle wasn't enough, so we added the rectangles.

Next, I loved what the bee ladies all did with their blocks, but I wanted to pull some more of the red from the focus fabric. So I dug into my scraps and found some red pindot from Happy Campers. I added the multi colored dots which are also from Hideaway and some white on white dots from Hoopla! The girls, again, helped with the arrangement of the blocks. This was mine and Georgia's final vote. Dakota disagreed, but it's ok since she got her way on the first block. :)

 I laid out all the blocks and decided that since it was a quilt for two, it could be a little larger. So I decided to use all 16 from the bee ladies, plus my two, but that meant I'd need to make 2 more. I needed more red I decided. So I cut up some more of my precious red and white Dumb Dot half yard. (I used some in January on another bee block.) Then I went digging for a pale yellow batik I had and made this one.

For my final block, I picked out 5 more charm squares from Delighted (I really really love the Delighted line and am just itching to get my hands on more of it. For this project, I thought it went really well with the Alpine Village.) and cut a little more of the mystery brown fabric to make this one.

Once I figured out where I wanted all the blocks, I sashed them all together with white Kona and some blue gingham (also from Hideaway) cornerstones. I added a thin white border and a 4 inch blue gingham border. Perfect!

I pieced the back together with more of the Alpine Village plus two other prints from Hideaway. (Pay no attention to the goofy man behind the quilt. :) That's my dad.)

I bound it with the same multi colored dot fabric I used in my second block. I was on a chat recently, and one of the ladies mentioned she cuts her binding at 3 inches so it's a little wider on the back. This is the fourth quilt I've bound with 3 inch binding and I really like how it looks. Also, there are nuts on the binding fabric. This tidbit will mean nothing to anyone my sisters and I. :)

I finished handstitching the binding and got the quilt washed, dried, folded and placed on the guest room bed a mere 15 minutes before my parents arrived to spend 4 days with us.

This is the biggest quilt I've made this far, and feeding the beast through my tiny machine, especially at a diagonal was not fun. But I'm very happy with the end result.

(I really need to work on taking better pictures. But I always forget until the last minute, which is why there are no pictures of the 3 quilts I finished earlier in February.)

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  1. I love this quilt! It is beautiful! I am very impressed that you managed to quilt it on your machine :) How big did it end up being?